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Online recording, casework and reporting of child deaths


eCDOP is proudly part of QES Holistix Safeguarding, developed to support the CDR case management and reporting process. The system was originally designed in collaboration with Kent Child Safeguarding Board, and is now being used to manage 82% of all cases reviewed in England.

The eCDOP system uses the statutory forms and process from the Working Together 2018 guidance, and assists safeguarding teams to ensure compliance. The intuitive system is now renowned for improving efficiencies throughout the multi-agency information sharing process, having proven to significantly reduce administration time from two days to just two hours.

The information sharing, collaborative approach between multi-agency partners offers the vital opportunity to derive learning and apply important changes to practices and policies. The eCDOP system automatically transfers data at each relevant stage of the process into the National Child Mortality Database (NCMD). This information is then used to analyse data nationally in order to improve learning and implement strategic improvements in health care for children in England, with the overall goal to reduce child mortality.

Features Overview

Below is a brief overview of some of the eCDOP features:

  • An easy to navigate, intuitive system with a user-friendly interface, compatibility across multiple devices and automatic email alerts to key CDR partners

  • Efficiency features designed to reduce administration time including an automatic chase feature for Reporting Forms returns, an automatic anonymisation feature for meeting forms and a consolidation feature to amalgamate both your Notification and Reporting forms

  • One centralised location to provide a comprehensive, clear view of all information associated with a case, inputted by multi-agency CDR partners

  • Meeting management is supported by eCDOP, enabling secure information sharing and ensuring version control of all documentation. Rapid Response, CDR meetings and CDR Panel meetings can all be organised and efficiently managed electronically through the system

  • Data quality has been reported to improve by using the eCDOP system, through a variety of features such as mandatory fields, user-friendly questions and conditional formatting. This improves the quality of data being inputted into NCMD, which improves the learning opportunities on a national level

  • Interactive dashboard and reports provide instant access to real-time, visual data enabling child death review partnerships to proactively monitor trends and react to emerging local, regional and national issues more effectively

  • Secure and GDPR compliant with two-factor authentication code, no sensitive data leaving the system, and various security roles in place to ensure information is only seen by those with granted access permissions

For more information on the eCDOP system or upgrading to new modules, please fill in the contact form below:

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