Tailor Made Solutions

Our Tailor Made service brings a collaborative approach to problem-solving; we work closely with you to build a fit-for-purpose product that combines your localised knowledge with our technical expertise. All of our off-the-shelf products originally began as Tailor Made solutions for individual clients, and have since expanded for use on local, regional, national and international scales. Throughout this process, we maintain a consistent partnership with you, keeping you involved and ensuring your voice is heard every step of the way.

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The Process

We design a system to meet your individual needs, working in partnership with you to develop a fit-for-purpose, tailored solution.


We conduct the following 5 step process with your input and involvement throughout the whole process:

  1. Define and agree project objectives

  2. Scope the requirements and document the specification

  3. Development, implementation and configuration

  4. Validate and test features

  5. Release your new product and transition to BAU

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