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Real-time Surveillance

Utilising real-time data to record, review and report on sudden/unexpected deaths and understand what is happening as it is happening. This ability to record real-time data enables themes, trends, patterns, locations and clusters to be identified as they're emerging rather than months later, ultimately informing more targeted prevention and intervention in a timely manner.

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Local Drug Information/Drug Alerts System

Support the early identification and alerts around contaminated supplies and high-strength drugs

Near Miss/Non-Fatal Overdose Surveillance

Identify trends and patterns in near misses and non-fatal overdoses to inform treatment and intervention

A range of RTS modules designed to enable real-time recording, reporting and reviewing of data to inform prevention and postvention:

Suspected Suicide Surveillance

United Kingdom's most used Suicide Surveillance system, built in partnership with Thrive LDN

Attempted Suicide Surveillance

A sister system to Suspected Suicide Surveillance enables opportunity to identify early intervention

Drug and Alcohol-related Death Reviews

Surveillance and case management to support multi-agency learning and action for DARD reviews

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