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Introduction to eVisit

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The newly upgraded eVisit system is setting new expectations for effective educational visit planning tools. The eVisit system has been developed in partnership with the Outdoor Educational Advisers Panel. This collaboration, spanning over 15 years, means we have developed the system with the suggestions and recommendations of a number of Outdoor Education Advisers, and been able to integrate national guidance throughout the system, giving users direct links to specific advice throughout the trip planning journey. 

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The full end-to-end trip management of eVisit is made easy, with an intuitive one page trip planning form, regardless of whether it’s a one day local trip or 7 day residential abroad. This has proven to be completed up to 66% faster than other alternative systems. The system also boasts an array of other benefits at no additional costs such as AALA and LoTC integration, risk assessment builders to help navigate users on completing and/or uploading effective risk assessments, flexibility in the approval flow process by trip type and establishment, and so much more. Scroll down the page to see an overview of features.  


The most recent eVisit upgrade was developed with three points in mind:

  • Save all users' time with the intuitive one-page form, automatic alerts for updates and approvals and extensive reports at the click of a button

  • Unmatched functionality with flexible configurations for user roles, approval flows and new form fields, AALA and LoTC integration, qualifications and certifications for staff, volunteers and provider, risk assessment builders and much more

  • No hidden costs, all current features come as standard including mobile-friendly version, unlimited manual imports from pupil management systems (including SEN and pupil premium pupils), no geographic constraints, shared calendars across establishments and integrated support and guidance for all users. More functionality than other systems at one cost!

Offering unlimited trips, users, and access, plus all functionality as standard, eVisit is becoming the go-to system for Independent Advisers, OEAP Members, Local Authorities, Multi-Academy Trusts and Schools across the United Kingdom.

Get in touch for a demo and find out how QES can simply and seamlessly migrate you across from your existing system to eVisit.

Features Overview


One-page visit form

Intuitive, standardised one-page visit form up to 66% quicker to complete than alternative systems 

Dynamic localised forms

Localise your visit forms by adding specific questions to your form, either system-wide or by individual establishments

Pupil data import

Unlimited import functionality to enable all pupil data to be loaded in the system, includes SEN and Pupil Premium

Sophisticated reporting

Real time, comprehensive reporting dashboards including data on annual reports, costs, pupils and staff 

OEAP Links

Direct links to OEAP guidance for additional support and quick access to national guidance

Risk Assessments

Use the risk assessment builder identifying risks, hazards and mitigations or simply upload your own


Robust security

Various access permissions and two-factor authentication on the most modern, secure technology

Flexible approval flow

Adjust approval process flow to reflect different trip types (residential, adventurous) and by different establishment

Document library

Share documents, guidance, policies, templates and risk assessments to all establishments seamlessly

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