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eVisit is a visit planning tool, developed in collaboration with the Outdoor Education Advisers Panel (OEAP), who have written and published national guidance detailing robust guidelines on how to plan and deliver successful, safe visits for children. The eVisit system has been designed to facilitate the management of high-quality outdoor education, offsite visits and adventurous activities, whilst facilitating children’s safety in line with OEAP guidance.

Full end-to-end management of new or recurring visits is fully embedded in the system, with features designed to support the creation of new visits, assessing visit safety, conducting risk assessments and processing the visit request for approval. The review processes, as well as the approval stages, often vary between different organisations and hierarchical structures.


eVisit has been designed to allow flexibility and the ability to localise the system to reflect local approval workflows that may differ between organisations. This is particularly useful for Multi Academy Trusts, Local Authorities and Independent Advisers who have multiple establishments and wide-ranging processes.

Features Overview

Below is a brief overview of some of the eVisit features:

  • Easy to navigate, intuitive system that follows the standardised OEAP process, whilst allowing the flexibility to suit local processes. Ease of use allows users to create visits faster, eliminating the often lengthy and laborious manual process of documentation

  • Automated alerts keep users informed of the status of a visit and highlights when they have tasks to complete, and messaging within the system supports quick and secure communications within an organisation

  • Proven to reduce administration time by 30% with a simple, one-page, new visit form to fill out, regardless of the visit type. The intuitive system will expand to display further questions should added detail be required (e.g. for an adventurous or overseas visit). Many other features have been implemented to make the process more efficient and timely, e.g. cloning feature enables users to easily duplicate annual or frequent visits

  • A high standard of data quality is ensured through the detailed, one-page visit creation form, removing the need for paper audit and more detail is collected on all aspects of the visit. Features such as mandatory fields and validation messages help ensure high quality of data and fields are not missing

  • Task management feature displays outstanding actions for each user’s profile, and the calendar view highlights upcoming events. This facilitates a more thorough approach to the actions surrounding the organisation of a visit, ensuring all aspects of a visit are managed correctly and efficiently

  • Risk assessments can either be uploaded by users as a document, or a new risk assessment form can be created within the system to then be sent for approval as part of the visit creation process. The system facilitates the collection of a thorough risk assessment, for varying types of visits, to ensure highest levels of safety are accounted for as part of the visit

  • Centralised document library is available with shared access for storing relevant policies, forms and templates, providing a valuable source for information relating to planning visits within establishments

  • Secure and GDPR compliant with two-factor authentication code, no sensitive data leaving the system, and various security roles in place to ensure information is only seen by those with granted access permissions

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