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Sophisticated person and address matching and cleansing tool for processing multiple large databases


The Data Hub system, from our Mass Data Management suite, is an intelligent solution to support organisations with their data management requirements. The system uses logical algorithms to match millions of records from multiple data sources, in order to provide a holistic view.

Data Hub presents local authorities, and other organisations, with one golden view of a data record, e.g. of an individual, family or address. Information is initially inputted into the Data Hub system from various data sources via an import profile (manually or automatically), then the system automatically amalgamates these sources based on a sophisticated set of data matching rules. Algorithms can also provide suggested matches, allowing for manual searches and matches to take place when needed.

The system can be used for various purposes within a council, or other organisations, which require data matching. For instance, council tax, admissions cohorts, inspection data, usage analysis, gang profiling and lots more.

Features Overview

Below is a brief overview of some of the Data Hub features:

  • An intuitive, sophisticated system, compatible on mobile devices with a variety of user access permissions

  • Manual or automatic import profiles available with the ability to connect to APIs. Hundreds of matching rules available for person, family and address matching to accurately match millions of data records from multiple data sources

  • Data sources are connected individually to the Data Hub, and are not linked together, therefore if a single source is removed, the process will not fail

  • Automatic cleansing and processing takes place to remove duplicates and ensure the highest quality of data

  • A comprehensive golden view provides a holistic view of an individual, family or address, providing a clear record of all known associated information

  • Manual matching is also available on suggested matches when necessary, with administrative control to un-match records if required

  • Flexibility within the system enables new, localised rules to be set which work towards matching records using pattern recognition and other identifiers, with varying predefined levels of confidence

  • Reporting and analysis is available for your organisation to better examine the data

  • Secure and GDPR compliant with two-factor authentication code, no sensitive data leaving the system, and various security roles in place to ensure information is only seen by those with granted access permissions

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