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Local Authorities have the ability to play a significant and positive role in the provision of youth services and, with the right resources, can offer the best services to young people to support their development in many areas including education, socialisation, leadership, confidence, building relationships and more.

The implementation of youth services for all young people, from all backgrounds, is within Local Authority statutory duty; “to secure, so far as is reasonably practicable, equality of access for all young people to the positive, preventative and early help they need to improve their well-being.” (Gov.UK)

The QES Youth Service system offers Local Authorities, and other local services, one centralised location for all data surrounding their youth service provision. The system improves efficiencies in recording attendance, developing and maintaining programmes, designing and evaluating sessions, and reporting on young people’s assessments.

This system was designed to support the best delivery of programmes, projects and sessions for young people, providing them with ample opportunities for personal and social development in a safe environment.

Features Overview

Below is a brief overview of some of the Youth Service features:

  • Easy to navigate, intuitive system with a user-friendly interface, hide & unhide controls over information, bar code scanner for quick attendance registering

  • Features for improving efficiencies include merging people & families for comprehensive view of individual circumstances, ability to merge sessions if recurring (i.e. weekly/monthly), facilitates early help assessment, one centralised location for documentation and flagging notes

  • Intuitive dashboard presents an overview of the number of sessions delivered in a timeframe, the number of attendees and the outcomes recorded

  • Insight into young people recorded in the system details their characteristics, whether there is a requirement for additional support i.e. special needs/disabilities, an overview of the sessions they have attended, their individual outcomes and any flagged notes

  • Family View presents a familial description including who the parents/guardians are, relevant family history/background, important medical information, emergency contacts and whether there have been referrals from other local services

  • Session Plan and Evaluation enables the user to set out the needs, aims, expected learning outcomes, methods and risk assessment prior to the session, and they can follow up afterwards with an evaluation, the outcomes and detail any accidents/incidents

  • Interactive reporting dashboard presents individual ‘distance travelled’, and assessment of each young person to measure their progress and outcomes (e.g. highlighting which sessions are proving to be beneficial)

  • Document library stores a range of links, resources and materials including user manuals, centre materials, registration forms and more

  • Secure and GDPR compliant - no sensitive data leaves the system and security roles that ensure information is only seen by those with granted access permissions, admin can tailor access levels depending on the roles of staff


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