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Built to help identify families that meet the TF Programme


The TF Claim Hub is an extension of the Data Hub, found in our Mass Data Management suite of systems. The TF Programme is run by local authorities as a targeted family intervention programme for families with issues including crime, anti-social behaviour, truancy, unemployment, mental health problems and domestic abuse. The introduction of this programme is to drive wider system change at local level, encouraging multi-agency working and focusing on a whole family approach to tackle issues and provide support, before more costly interventions would be required.

This system is constantly being updated by the Data Hub, retrieving all details on families who meet the locally set criteria that determines whether they are considered a ‘troubled family’. If the family meet the local threshold, this is where the TF team would begin to review family cases and, if appropriate, begin working with them upon setting up a case.

The purpose of the TF programme is to change families lives for the better, and to improve the way services work with these families. The TF Claim Hub system facilitates a more efficient process for the management of family cases, ultimately ensuring both families and local authorities are getting the most benefits out of the programme.

Whilst this system has been built to facilitate claims for the TF programme, it can be used for other claim types, such as Fraud.

Features Overview

Below is a brief overview of some of the TF Claim Hub features:

  • An easy to navigate, intuitive system with a user-friendly interface and compatibility across multiple devices. Data is automatically transferred from the Data Hub in real time


  • Case summary displays an overall view of the whole family; a progress summary of the issues that have arisen and a case progress breakdown detailing recent updates to their case


  • Claims list dashboard displays which families are meeting the criteria and therefore are eligible for PBR (payment by result) claims. This dashboard also highlights the status of claims (i.e. processing, pending, claimed) and is filterable for ease of search


  • Case documents can be uploaded and shared amongst relevant case workers to keep up to date with the most recent details on the case and improve multi-agency working


  • Case activity, meetings, information sharing, documentation and more are stored in the Claim Portal, all of which can be included in the in-built audit function which is automatically recorded to evidence case activity


  • Reporting and analysis are available for your organisation to better examine the data


  • Secure and GDPR compliant with two-factor authentication code, no sensitive data leaving the system, and various security roles in place to ensure information is only seen by those with granted access permissions

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