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Patient Discharge and Bed Bureau Management


Unexplained and unnecessary delays in discharging processes is a systemic problem that continues to subject patients to an even more unpleasant, and often frustrating, experience whilst also mounting added pressure on to health and social care professionals.

The introduction of the award-winning dual patient and bed management system, developed by QES in partnership with Mid Cheshire NHS Hospital Trust (MCNHT), provides a patient-focused integrated approach to reducing Delayed Transfer of Care (DToC) rates with the overarching mission to improve patients’ general experience from admission to discharge.

This live patient management portal provides practitioners with the opportunity to transition from the multiple, disordered, paper-driven methods into one collaborative, real-time tool that makes updating, sharing and reporting on information increasingly more effective.

Features Overview

Below is a brief overview of some of the Patient Discharge Management and Bed Bureau Management features:

Patient Discharge Management

  • Synchronisation to local PAS database makes the process of entering a new patient into the system much more efficient, entering an NHS number will automatically fill patient details into the system making patient submission a faster and simpler process


  • Active patient list displays an overview of current patients; this includes patient details, ward, delay reasons and whether they are medically. This list can be filtered by category, demographic and patient status


  • Holistic patient view is a centralised location containing a summary of all patient records; this comprises of the initial referral summary, personal/contact details, and a chronological view of patient notes


  • Patient notes feature is triggered upon actions being made along the pathway, this is an active reminder to ensure records are being made and shared continuously to avoid multiple sequential assessments by various practitioners

Bed Bureau Management

  • Bed management summary provides an overview of all sites, displaying statistics on bed occupancy and number of delays at each site


  • Landing page for individual sites provides a detailed view of occupancy timescales, expected discharge dates, reasons for delay and red reminders for overdue patient journey questions


  • Bed swap feature gives users the ability to swap patient/s by bed with all patient information updating in real-time to avoid any cross over confusion


  • Full calendar view of past, present and future bed bookings displayed by date and bed number enables forward planning and highlights any unavailable beds (i.e. in use or marked out for cleaning/maintenance)

Features included across both systems

  • A user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate minimises the time taken on administrative duties enabling more time for delivering patient care. The tried and tested system saw 90% of users describe the portal as ‘easy to use’


  • Interactive reporting dashboard gives insight into real-time data and allows the user to easily react to emerging trends and issues. Visual charts and raw data provide a detailed analysis into the most common causes of delays


  • Secure and GDPR compliant - no sensitive data leaves the system, multiple user roles ensure information is only seen by those with granted access permissions and audit logs accessible to review user, case and system wide activity


Winners of the HSJ Awards 2019 Connecting Services and Information Award
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