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Online recording, casework and reporting for allegation management


The eLADO system, developed in partnership with Gloucestershire County Council, fully supports the process of allegation case management.

The online system was designed to enable Local Authority Designated Officers (LADO) and their allegation management team to improve efficiencies and the security of their workflow. A LADO must manage all allegations against child care professionals, when it is alleged that they have brought/may bring harm to them or where a criminal offence has occurred in connection to the child/children.

The eLADO system is compliant with Working Together 2018 statutory guidance, and has been designed to standardise the process in line with the national safeguarding policy. The system facilitates the process from initial notification and rapid review, all the way to case closure and reporting. The system helps to facilitate multi-agency information sharing and collation to be reviewed in a series of meetings, in order to establish an overall outcome decision. eLADO provides the opportunity to derive vital learning, and ultimately provide the best safeguarding for children to ensure they are always protected.

Whilst this system was originally developed for the LADO process, it can be applied to any form of allegation management or review type to improve working practices, establish efficiencies and facilitate GDPR compliance.

Features Overview

Below is a brief overview of some of the eLADO features:

  • An easy to navigate, intuitive system including a user-friendly interface, compatibility across multiple devices, publicly available referral form and automatic email alerts to key allegation partners


  • End to end case management facilitates learning at all stages throughout the process, starting with the initial online referral form, then following the process through case notes, meetings, actions, outcome decisions and reporting


  • Flagging up feature highlights whether a person has had multiple accusations made against them, enabling the allegation team to have a better perspective on the individual and make a more informed decision


  • Meeting management is fully supported by the eLADO system; invitations are distributed electronically and any supporting documentation, agendas, meeting minutes and outcome decisions can all be uploaded and shared securely within a team


  • Action tracking feature enables users to assign actions within a case, and monitors their progress. The system prompts an automatic chase feature once the deadline for an action is approaching, and a flagging tool highlights which actions remain overdue


  • Interactive dashboards and reports are instantly accessible to key users, providing real-time information for allegation management teams to proactively monitor trends and react to emerging trends/issues more effectively


  • Secure and GDPR compliant with two-factor authentication code, no sensitive data leaving the system, auditing logs and security roles that ensure information is only seen by those with granted access permissions

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