Zero Suicide Alliance Resource Hub

It's great to see Zero Suicide Alliance have launched their brand new Resource Hub within their site. This is a brilliant project they've designed to showcase a range of organisations, tools and services that are playing an important role in working towards a #zerosuicide ambition.

The hub has different tabs to highlight training, guides, helplines, chatbots and digital solutions that are delivering an important service. There is also a Facts for Action section which is a fantastic source of information on known factors which are linked to suicide and suicidal behaviours, with examples of knowledge on how to address such issues encouraging early intervention. Lastly, you will find a map view which gives an insight into the risk factors on local levels enabling a targeted approach that is more community specific.

We are absolutely thrilled to be highlighted on the Resource Hub, showcasing our Suicide Surveillance system that enables a multi-agency approach to deriving lessons and implementing action as a result of real time data.

Please see the hub here and read about Suicide Surveillance on our site here.