Welcome to our new website

Thank you for visiting our brand new website, we're incredibly excited to have launched this new 'home' for us and hope you find all it is you're looking for on this site.

If you've come here to see more about what we do and the clients we work with, please see our about us and clients page.

We have included full summaries of the systems we provide whether it be in safeguarding, health, education or mass data management. Each of our system summary pages has the option to download the information in PDF format for you to share among your colleagues with ease.

There is a page dedicated to explaining how we develop our Tailor Made solutions using a collaborative approach. We follow a 5 step process that ensures your input and involvement is guaranteed throughout, resulting in a fit-for-purpose, future proofed system that meets your needs.

Otherwise, you can keep up to date with our latest news and socials on our blog or get to know our brilliant people at the meet the team page.

You'll notice our social media links are included across the website, so please do give us a follow on all other formats so you don't miss a thing! Feel free to contact us at any point using our contact forms, whether you want more information on what we do, would like a product demonstration or just wanted to connect. We hope you enjoy this new site.