Virtual Team Socials

At QES, we’re missing our regular team socials. Pre-pandemic, we’d all head to a local pub straight from work once a month just after pay day and then every few months we’d arrange a bigger team social, whether that was bowling, dinner or an escape room. These evenings of socialising with each other outside of the office were always something to look forward to, and undoubtedly have countless benefits. Here are just some of the positive impacts of social events being included in the company calendar:

  • Morale – As an employee, feeling as though you’re being rewarded for your efforts and your employers care about and appreciate you, goes a long way for boosting the morale

  • Company culture – Similarly, a company that encourages an environment that is positive and social will see employees more engaged in work activity

  • Sense of community – Social events offer the opportunity for people in different departments to get to know each other, find out more about what’s happening in the business in other areas, and may result in new perspectives and new ideas being brought to the table

  • Socialising – Fostering social connections among a workforce will increase overall happiness, reduce stress and give employees an environment of friendship and, as mentioned, a sense of community

  • Enjoyment – Lastly, social events are enjoyable! They are the perfect opportunity to create memories that will be reminisced on over a cup of tea in the office kitchen for months to come. It’s also a great way to make new colleagues feel welcomed into a team atmosphere.

However, as so much of ‘normal’ life isn’t the same right now, socials are unsurprisingly, and rightfully, being put on hold. This means we have to adapt so we can still feel those benefits, and remind ourselves that although we don’t see one another every day, we’re still a team. Just last week we held a QES Quiz Night on Zoom, we made it interactive and as entertaining as possible, but after those initial weeks in lockdown of quiz after quiz after quiz… we need to start thinking outside the box. Here are some ideas we’ve come across that may work for your company or even for a virtual birthday party or catch up with friends.

Virtual Cocktail Making Class

This is a great one for those teams who miss the pub nights and bar crawls the most. You each get a box of ingredients and cocktail making

materials sent to your homes, get dressed up, pop your camera on and join a virtual class with your colleagues, all making the same three cocktails. What could go wrong? Other than mixing the wrong ingredients and forgetting to put the lid on a cocktail shaker, but it’s all in good fun!

Added bonus - although the cocktails may not last too long, all your colleagues now have a cocktail making set to see them through the Christmas period and beyond.

Virtual Escape Room

There are so many variants of Christmas themed escape rooms that can be done online in your teams, and if you’re looking for a team bonding and working together exercise for your ‘do’, this is the one for you. The escape room style party offers a great way to mix teamwork with socialising, when else can you work together to escape the elves in Santa’s grotto?

Added bonus – you could include a prize for the team that works together the fastest to escape.

Murder Mystery

For a smaller group, how about you channel your inner actor? Pick a plot and characters, and assign each person a character with their booklet prior to the event so they can all get to know who they are playing and how they should act. Once the event comes around, start off the story and allow each person to introduce themselves as their character, make sure you all have each other’s Whatsapp for those one-to-one private conversations to exchange important information to build the story. Give everyone a time limit to do their digging, and once its up, have everyone reveal their guesses. Try and make the big reveal as dramatic as possible, and go back through the evidence everyone may have missed.

Added bonus – having everyone dress the part and include props will make the virtual event all the better.

Xmas Bake Off

For those in the creative or food industry, or anyone that enjoys the spirit of competition! You can select a panel of judges from your team, maybe two or three, and set a criteria for everyone else to enter the baking competition. Try making it more personable by asking your colleagues to create a bake that reflects their favourite thing and then each person talks through their bake before the judges make their decision.

Added bonus - everyone gets a sweet treat after all their hard work.

End of Year Awards

Are you looking to make your team feel special after a tough year? An awards ceremony might do the trick. You could include work-related awards on productivity, team spirit, sales, creative ideas, customer relations and more, as well as superlative awards in the ‘most likely to’ category. Get your awards ideas prepared a month before, and send them out to each individual to get their votes. This is an opportunity for everyone to get all glammed up if that’s what your Christmas party usually looks like.

Added bonus – colleagues will feel appreciated and it’s perfect for highlighting people’s achievements.

We hope these little ideas give you some inspiration to organise a memorable 2020 social. Please do leave us a comment with your ideas,