What marks the end of summer?

You may have been fooled by the soaring temperatures of up to 28 degrees this week, but the official end of summer for the Northern hemisphere is just a few days away on Tuesday 22nd September. By which point, we’ll have almost reached the last quarter of 2020. This may bring joy to some that this turbulent year is almost coming to a close, or it may be disappointing that such chaos has put 12 month’s of plans in limbo. Either way, we want to put a spotlight on the positives that are coming our way for the remainder of 2020.

Therefore, we posed the following questions to the team this week; what marks the ‘end of summer’ for you, and what are you choosing to look forward to in the last quarter of 2020? Take a look at some of the answers below.

What marks the end of summer for you?

  • Being able to order a hot coffee from a café without feeling like I should have asked for an iced one!

  • Starting to feel a bit of a chill while admiring the warm pink & purple sunsets that start creeping in earlier and earlier in the evening

  • Kids heading back to school is definitely the marker that we’re heading towards autumn

  • When I feel the need to start putting the heating on, that’s when I know summer is long gone!

  • Spider season. It’s a sign when the spiders start making their way into the house for warmth

  • When the temperature drops and leaves on the trees start falling. Jumpers are now a necessity (even if they are sometimes needed in British Summer), and kids are back at school

  • It's all of a sudden cold, the nights start to get darker earlier, putting summer wardrobe away and getting out the chunky knits

What are you choosing to look forward to for the rest of this year?

  • Having an intimate Christmas with my closest family, since our holidays got cancelled it will be a nice change to keep it simple

  • Autumn walks and seeing the tree leaves changing into autumnal shades. After the year we’ve had, I hope some snow will appear too for a white Christmas!

  • Seasonal activities; pumpkin picking, bonfire night, Christmas and New Year. I love how many holidays you get through autumn and winter

  • Seeing homes and towns lit up in December, everywhere looks much brighter against the darker nights

  • Some normality, in whatever it may be. We've had such a topsy-turvy 2020, some normality would be nice

  • Excited for autumn walks where the leaves are crisp, getting the log burner on and cosy nights in

  • Family activities at Christmas, especially after this year it’ll be great to spend that time together

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Let us know in the comments what marks the end of summer for you, and what it is you’re most looking forward to before the end of the year.