Supporting Young People

This week has put a focus on young people, with International Youth Day on Wednesday and the following day seeing secondary school & college leavers collecting their A Level results, a big day on the calendar for many families across the UK and one that has differed greatly to those years previous. The impact of Covid-19, in particular the months of lockdown, will have had a significant effect on young people’s education, development and social life and providing support, encouragement and guidance is especially vital during this time.

This blog has been put together to highlight and signpost some incredible organisations and charities offering support to children from all walks of life in the UK.

Papyrus – Suicide Prevention -

The team at Papyrus focus their work on three key areas – Support, Equip, Influence. Their Hopeline provides support to young people suffering with suicidal thoughts, and offers guidance and advice to those who have concerns about young people in their life. They also offer skills training programmes, and engage with communities to equip them with the know-how to deliver successful suicide prevention projects. Lastly, they continuously campaign about suicide prevention to influence the national agenda and work towards the national suicide prevention strategy.

Urban Synergy – Early Intervention -

Urban Synergy is a mentoring charity offering young people the opportunity to benefit from one to one, outcome focused mentoring and inspirational seminars to enable positive change in their lives. The life skills, confidence, knowledge and experiences that are provided through the Urban Synergy programmes offer young people focus and direction when they may be struggling to find their right path.

Ultra Education – Entrepreneurial Education -

Our vision is that all children and young people regardless of background or social standing have access to essential entrepreneurial education.” This organisation puts a focus on the disadvantaged and underrepresented children and young people in society, offering them the tools, resources and education they require to influence change and inspire entrepreneurialism.

Well Child – Healthcare at Home -

Across the UK, there are hundreds of thousands of young people and children living with a serious illness, and so many struggle to find the support to live at home with their families. Well Child’s mission is to give these children the best possible chance at happily living in their own family environment with the support they require. Their work includes funding projects and research, offering support to young people, children and their families and ensuring parents/carers are fully equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to care for an ill child in their own home, rather than a hospital bed.

My Life My Say – The Voice of Young People -

This youth-led charity was created to empower young people to be a part of change, making politics and democracy inclusive, engaging and enjoyable for young people. Their mission is to provide a platform for young and socially excluded citizens to use their voice and lead change within society. MLMS represent the voices of young people and advocate on their behalf to stakeholders and decision makers.

We’re sure you’ll agree these five charities and organisations are doing an excellent job in providing children and young people with the support they require, the encouragement they seek, and the platforms to speak out and write their own future. There are countless other fantastic charities all across the UK doing similar work, please do leave a comment and let us know about the organisations that have wowed you!