Staycation vs Abroad

The rise in popularity of the UK staycation has grown exponentially over the past few months, in large part due to the coronavirus. However, the lockdown also gave many of us a better perspective of our impact on the environment and a wider appreciation for the beautiful parts of the UK right on our doorsteps.

Great Staple Tor, Dartmoor - Photographed by Development Team Manager, Paul Wynn-Mackenzie

When the staycation vs abroad question was posed to our colleagues at QES, there was a unanimous agreement that the trips and adventures closer to home were without doubt the preferred option, at least for now. Weekends away in Swansea, Cirencester, St Ives and Cornwall are just some of the staycation getaways in the pipeline for some of our team.

Molly, Account Manager, describes the staycation as a win-win, “there are so many parts of the UK to explore – beaches, national parks, forests etc.” She added “it’s also cheaper as well and helps the environment by not going on a plane!” Chief Operations Officer, Mike agrees “there are so many hidden gems in the UK”, also noting how important it is for businesses who rely on tourism, “supporting our local economy has never been more important.” UK business owners are continuously sharing their enormous gratitude for the immense support they’ve received since the easing of lockdown restrictions.

Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset - Photographed by Development Team Manager, Paul Wynn-Mackenzie

While some at QES questioned how sensible it is in terms of health to be going abroad in the midst of a global pandemic, some also considered the other ways the coronavirus crisis could still impact holidays overseas including 2 week quarantines and last minute cancellations of flights and hotels. As developer Dan says, “it’s definitely not worth the risk… staycation for me!”

For those not yet convinced of the staycation, and are waiting until international travel is a safe option again, a UK based trip may still be worth considering, even just to be able to take a well-deserved, much needed break. It’s too easy to think working from the comfort of your own home and having that extra half an hour without the commute means annual leave is less of a priority, but it’s absolutely vital to take that time off and give yourself the reboot you sometimes need. Sales and Marketing Manager, Emma, recognises the need to continue checking in on yourself “with the impact on mental health during this pandemic, it’s even more crucial now to take that break!”

Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol - Photographed by Development Team Manager, Paul Wynn-Mackenzie

So how about hopping in the car for a short while and finding out what you can stumble upon in close proximity? You never know, your new travel bucket list might be dolphin spotting in Devon, surfing in Swansea or camping in Cumbria. Let us know your favourite staycation spots in the comments.