QES Competition

How do you encourage colleagues to get involved in a team social when you can’t even meet up in person? When you’re asking them to log back into their computer in the evening after a day of working? Simple. Make a competition out of it! The incentive of winning a prize at the end, whilst also calling out to people’s competitive streak, is a failsafe method of piquing their interest and securing their engagement.

QES have decided to take this idea and run with it. We have introduced a QES Competition, where every three-four weeks we get together on Zoom with a different competition style game. Each game has a points system, and an easy five points is given to each member of the QES team who shows up and takes part. We’ve even gone as far as to create our own internal leaderboard to keep an eye on who is in the lead and the points difference.

The first in our series of competitions took place on Wednesday 25th November; the competition style game to start off the competition was Scattergories! There were 10 rounds with each round giving players a letter of the alphabet and asking them to DM the quiz host a colour, animal, item of food/dish, country and a movie that began with that letter with only 60 seconds to think, type and send. During their thinking time, a song that also began with that letter was played in the background in an attempt to distract them from their thoughts.

The key to Scattergories is if your answer has alliteration, you get double points or even triple points. Great examples of these were Krispy Kreme (food, K), V for Vendetta (movie, V) and Fish Fingers (food, F). We even had a triple pointer for Double Decker Donut (food, D), whether it actually exists is another point entirely but A* for effort! Of course, we have to pay homage to some spectacularly unforgettable moments, including Very Large Monkey (animal, V) and someone who lives in Wales admitting they couldn’t think of a country beginning with W! I say unforgettable, but I’m sure the individuals responsible may prefer that we did all eliminate that from our memory. Now the first is under our belt, we're looking forward to what else is to come from the next socials in our competition series... and who will win that sur'prize'?!

Please leave us a comment with some ideas for future competition style games, or on innovative new ways of continuing the social aspect of work life for your team whilst all working from home. We'd love to hear from you.