Positive News

After months of news relating to Covid-19, the recently reinforced restrictions and the countless negative impacts the pandemic has had on people’s lives, businesses and society, we decided some good news is long overdue and will be valued. Therefore, this week's blog is dedicated to signposting where you can get your next dose of happiness, inspiration and positivity. Whether it’s hearing how a village clubbed together to buy a popular but poorly four-legged friend a wheelchair for his walkies or the innovative ways in which hospitality businesses kept afloat during lockdown, these stories about people and places you don’t even know can have a powerful boost to your mood.

Positive News Magazine

Positive News Magazine produces quarterly publications in print and digital copies, jam-packed with impressive, independent journalism. They are committed to sharing positive news, bringing a smile to the faces of its readers and celebrating the best of society. The media organisation describes itself as pioneers of constructive journalism – “a new approach in the media, which is about rigorous and relevant journalism that is focused on progress, possibility, and solutions.” See their website at for well-written articles on all that is going right in the world, you can also subscribe to receive the quarterly copies in the post or to your email.


Instagram account @tanksgoodnews offers a burst of joy set amongst your day to day Insta-scrolling. This visual format, much smaller in comparison to magazine articles, gives you the opportunity to consume bitesize nuggets of happiness on the go, with the option to read the full article if you do become invested in the full story. Either way, this Instagram account will give you the grins and giggles you’re looking for.

BBC Uplifting Stories

Lastly, BBC News is a go-to for keeping up to date with the goings on around the world but if you’re starting to get overwhelmed, just head over to their Uplifting Stories tab for a reminder of humankind at its very best! These stories of courage, compassion, and conviction will give you the greatest perspective on life, and the resilience of people in the face of adversity will no doubt leave you inspired. Have a look at the uplifting stories here.

We hope these offer you a pick-me-up whenever you’re in need of some good news! Let us know in the comments where you go for a slice of positivity.