Optimistic October

As you may know, each month Action for Happiness create a calendar for the month ahead with a theme such as kindness, resilience, mindfulness or in this case, optimism. The calendar sets out a different activity or task to complete each day, with the ultimate goal to improve your wellbeing, lift your spirits and bring overall awareness to your mental health and that of others.

The Optimistic October has without doubt come at a significant time, when further restrictions are being implemented across the country and even some areas seeing local lockdowns taking place. It's a difficult time for many people, so providing a small focus in achievable daily tasks may come as a source of comfort or motivation for a great deal of people across the UK.

Some days will suggest a task such as writing down goals to put your mind to or planning an activity that will boost your mood. Other days recommend you simply focus your attention on mindfulness, such as reflecting on achievements and recognising the positive intentions of others. See the full calendar below, download it by going to and learn more about this month's theme and how you can get involved with #OptimisticOctober.