New eCDOP Release

We are excited to announce a new procedure that QES have implemented as part of our development to continue improving the eCDOP system. Starting at the end of October, we now have regularly scheduled maintenance every two weeks from 5pm – 6pm across all live sites. This process will ensure that we are able to consistently provide updates and fixes to any tickets that have been reported to us through the Service Desk, so we can continue to provide you the best service possible. Thank you to all of our eCDOP clients for your patience and support, your input has been invaluable to help us continue to improve the system, and we look forward to hearing some more of your feedback along the way.

More about our eCDOP product

Our eCDOP system, originally designed in collaboration with Kent Child Safeguarding Board, was developed to support the CDR case management and reporting process. The intuitive system is now renowned for improving efficiencies throughout the multi-agency information sharing process, having proven to significantly reduce administration time

from two days to just two hours. The information sharing, collaborative approach between multi-agency partners offers the vital opportunity to derive learning and apply important changes to practices and policies. eCDOP automatically transfers data at each relevant stage of the process into the National Child Mortality Database (NCMD).

This information is then used to analyse data nationally in order to improve learning and implement strategic improvements in health care for children in England, with the overall goal to reduce child mortality. eCDOP is now being used by over 85% of England, and more in procurement.

We have recently designed a Case Action module upgrade to enable users to assign actions against their team and other users involved in a case. These actions can be linked to meetings to monitor progress and make actions from the lessons and recommendations discussed in Rapid Response, CDR meetings and CDR Panel meetings.

The new feature includes a chasing up notification to alert the user when an action is required of them 3 days ahead of its due date, and again one day past the deadline. The Case Action feature ensures there is an element of accountability involved in implementing changes in child healthcare, rather than just recognising where learning can take place, this takes it a step further by providing the vital opportunity to take action as a result. Learn more about eCDOP and the Case Action feature at