eCDOP and NCMD data playing a significant role in the fight against Covid-19

Updated: May 15, 2020

As part of our partnership with the NCMD team, our NCMD and eCDOP systems are collecting real-time data on all child deaths in England. The information relating to Covid-19 is being shared with relevant organisations, including NHS England and Public Health England, and is being used to inform actions to combat Covid-19 on a national level.

A recent update to the systems saw the inclusion of a new alert function being implemented into both the eCDOP and NCMD portals to highlight issues of urgency that will prompt wider communication among health and social care professionals, and ultimately could reduce deaths. This feature is now especially crucial in regards to reacting to and understanding the pandemic.

We feel incredibly proud to be playing our small part in the fight against #Covid19 and have an immense appreciation for our front-line workers who are tirelessly helping those affected by this pandemic.

Find out more on our eCDOP system here and read about our partnership with NCMD here.

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