Data Matching Service

The use of data matching services to process, match and cleanse multiple large data sources is proving important for local authorities in ensuring they have accuracy in the data corresponding to individuals, i.e. validated addresses and contact details. Our Data Matching Service is supporting local authorities in their duty to collect electoral data, as well as ensuring they are able to provide accurate data to the National Covid-19 Track and Trace team.

Electoral Data

The Data Matching Service can be used to support the collection of electoral register data. Electoral Registration Officers have a duty to compile and maintain the electoral register, which must contain accurate records of those residing in the local authority area.

The automatic data matching and cleansing across multiple large data sources is saving our clients time and money and improving overall efficiencies for this process. One client has even anticipated a saving of £200,000 a year on manual chasing of electoral data, such as posting letters and door knocking.

One golden view is presented by merging all sources of data on an individual, to display an accurate record of who lives at an address or is using multiple addresses. This service can therefore also be used for various purposes within a council, or other organisations, which require data matching. For instance, council tax, TF Programme, admissions cohorts, inspection data, usage analysis, gang profiling and lots more, even highlighting incidents of fraud.

Covid-19 Track and Trace

Our Data Matching Service enables local authorities to collate, process, cleanse and provide a golden view of an individual from multiple large data sources. This collated information provides one consolidated view of verified contact details to pass onto the National Covid-19 Track and Trace Team. This process is ensuring the accuracy of the details being passed on for each individual, including address which is absolutely key for the validity of track and trace.

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