What do you love most about working at QES?

I like everyone I have the pleasure to work with, I enjoy the technologies and feel the work we do is important but also interesting which makes me happy to come into work each day.

What's your biggest work-related achievement?

Helping the graduates on the projects and seeing them get to grips with all the code which they’ve done really well. While they have learnt lots, I feel I have learnt huge amounts in helping them.

One fictional character you'd bring to life.

Jason Bourne or James Bond. Michael Scott would also be hilarious, although I wouldn't want him to run the company!

Dream holiday destination

So many places. New Zealand, Barcelona, Iceland, Mauritius, Caribbean, Canada and many more.

Favourite season of the year, and why? 

Spring, winter is over. Daylight hours are longer, trees and plants are coming out.

Paul WM.jpg

Paul Wynn-MacKenzie