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Patient Gateway

The Gateway System has been designed in partnership with Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to follow a patient's journey from Acute settings to Community short-term support locations. Are you looking for a digital solution to seamlessly manage patient flow, enable collaboration and communication and improve discharge pathways? Learn more about Gateway below.

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The Gateway System

The Gateway System displays the flow of discharges over the past week including those being supported by the Transfer of Care Hub (TOCH), as well as identifying the planned discharges for the next 72 hours. This display of real-time data on demand and capacity for acute and community gateways ensures the most up-to-date information is always reflected. The use of this platform enables commissioners in providing adequate services to support hospital flow and allocating resource effectively, including the ability to monitor utilisation of community provision.

Key Features

High quality functionality has been designed to ensure all information is accessible to the relevant users in real-time. This transparency supports collaboration, communication and cohesiveness:

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Patient record transfer

Seamless transferring of patient records and information from acute to community settings

National SitRep codes

Meeting NHS requirements by reflecting the National SitRep codes throughout the system's discharge forms 

Demand & capacity

Real-time view within the system of current situations of both demand and capacity in acute and community settings

Web-based system

Easy to access across multiple devices for all users through the use of an intuitive web-based system

Patient notes

Secure location to record both formal and informal notes and ensure relevant access to this information

One single dataset

All user roles and relevant personnel using a single dataset to monitor and track patient journey

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Comprehensive reports

In-built system reports on delays, length of stay, proposed vs actual discharge pathways and much more


Ability to locally configure the system and its fields to meet different requirements and working practices

Robust security

Various access permissions and two-factor authentication on the most modern, secure technology

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